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Health Office


Health Clerk:  Hilda Chaidez
Phone: 25223
Fax:  818-889-6729
District School Nurse: Melissa Foster, MSN, RN
Phone: 81341

LVUSD Health Services Link

The Health Office is staffed by the school health team which is composed of a Health Clerk and District School Nurse. Health Clerks are certified in CPR and First Aid. They assist with daily health needs, administer first aid and meet illness needs that occur during the school day. The district school nurse leads the school health team. The district school nurse is a registered nurse in the state of California with a school health services credential. The district school nurse protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success. The school health team bridges the gap between health care and education, provides care coordination, advocates for quality student-centered care, and collaborates to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential.



For information about immunization requirements, please see the following links:


Students may not carry their own medication. However, a student can carry their emergency medications which include epinephrine auto injectors, inhalers, and diabetic supplies. Please provide medications and complete the Authorization for Medication Form to your student’s school health office.  The  "Authorization for the Medication Form" must be completed after July 1st to be valid for the following school year.

  • If ANY medication, prescription or over the counter,  must be given during school day, the medication can not be given or accepted unless an  Authorization for Medication Form is completed by the prescribing physician. The medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container with student name, medication name, dosage and time to be administered.  Over the counter medications must be in original packaging. Medicine in plastic bags, envelopes, or other containers will not be accepted.