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Bienvenidos voyagers sign
Students holding up letters that spell out Kindness Matters
Students at tables reading in the library
Nine students with their arms over each other's shoulders
Students looking at natural objects on a table
Students sitting on the carpet while a costumed LA Ram mascot reads them a book.
library with shelves and displays of books, a seating area, and a solar system rug

Welcome to Sumac Elementary School

Sumac Elementary School promotes 21st-century learning that goes above and beyond the standards-based instructional program to elevate global literacy for our students through Spanish language immersion and STEM.

                                                                                                               L - Dual Language (English/Spanish) immersion in TK through fifth grade.
                                                                                                               S - Science presented through hands-on units and integrated throughout the curriculum
                                                                                                               T - Technology is infused into all curricular areas.
                                                                                                               E - Engineering and design process (ask → imagine → plan → create → improve) embedded.
                                                                                                               M - Mathematically rich learning environments.

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